Quality handmade wooden products by Wood Cave
Quality handmade wooden products by Wood Cave
Quality handmade wooden products
Quality handmade wooden products

Gifts, jewellery & gemstones

Here at Wood Cave the key thing is that all of our items are bespoke one-off pieces. We regularly get asked to create special items for people to give as presents. The photos below show some examples of the things we have been asked to produce, each one being unique. We can produce items to order or often have a selection of products available that would make ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas, retirement, etc... Remember, many of the items on our other pages would also make wonderful presents - take a look at our weather stations, desk & wall clocks and our wood turning & bowls.


Wood Cave has branched out from our wood and metal work to also work with precious and semi precious stones. We are now producing a range of jewellery items to meet all budgets. The photos below show a few of the items so far. Our solid silver items are made from solid 999 feine silver to a specific weight so they are not only attractive items but also retain their inherent value as a precious metal.


Ths year has seen us really develop our offer of gemstones through not only tumbled semi precious stones like amethyst and tiger's eye but also with genuine Australian precious opal. Some of our stones are finished as jewellery items whilst others are sold as cabochons ready for setting. If you are after something in particular please just get in touch.


If you have a specific gift idea in mind, please get in touch to talk about how this can be produced for you.

Items for sale

All of our items for sale can be purchased directly through our Etsy store here: WoodCaveStore. Or through our Ebay account here: WoodCave

Genuine Australian precious opal chip vial pendant necklaces

These beautiful necklaces consist of a glass vial containing chips of precious opal suspended from a 50cm stainless steel chain. Each one is completely unique with different play of colour depending upon the chips inside.


Pendant earrings

Handmade imitation gemstone drop pendant earrings made from 925 silver fishhook backings with 12mm resin stones.


Stunning yew spirits / shots server with glasses.

Handmade in chunky yew board, this serving tray allows you to display and carry one round spirit bottle with 6 shot glasses. Great for display or use. Shot glasses included, just add your own spirit.


Handmade spalted beech wine glass caddy


Stunning handmade wine glass caddy made from spalted beech. Sits over neck of wine bottle with room to hang two wine glasses (one either end) for easy carrying or for display.  Makes an excellent gift - just add your wine of choice and glasses. Approx 29cm long X 8cm wide X 1.5cm deep.


Handmade triple tealight candle holder


Beautiful handmade candle holders available in a range of wood types to suit your taste / home decor. Can be used on a dining table, shelf, mantelpiece, etc... Make an excellent gift. Come complete with three tealights and gift-wrapped in cellophane and ribbon. Approx 22cm long (but size may vary).     £5.00 


Handmade double tealight candle holder in Yew


Beautiful handmade candle holder for two tealights carved from a piece of yew wood that still shows the figure from the bark around the edges. Can be used on a dining table, shelf, mantelpiece, etc... Can be made in other woods if requested. Makes an excellent gift. Comes complete with two tealights and gift-wrapped in cellophane and ribbon.    £4.00

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