Quality handmade products
Quality handmade products

Blade making & woodworking videos

Here at Wood Cave we complete our blade making on our own purpose built scaled up version of a coffee can forge that is forced-air and propane powered. There are lots of different steps that go into the making of a blade, and these depend upon the type of metal being used. We particularly enjoy making blades from all different types of reclaimed metals such as farrier's rasps and even old Morris Minor leaf-springs. We then pair these blades with handles made from a wide variety of materials including hardwoods, animal horn and bone, and micarda. The blades are oil-quenched for added hardness and hand ground to a fine edge.


We have made everything from a small solid silver fruit knife up to a gladius style short sword. It isn't just knives though, we have even produced our own modern interpretation of a medieval crossbow using reclaimed spring steel for the bow and London plane for the body resulting in an extremely powerful and accurate bow.


To see some of the examples of our blade making work, check out the Handmade metal tools & knives page.


On this page you can watch videos showing some of the processes we use when making blades as well as some of our woodworking processes.

How we hand forge metal...

How we quench a blade...

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