Quality handmade products
Quality handmade products

About us at Wood Cave

Our traditional business combines years of experience in handicrafts with the most modern technologies. Our hard-working team always does its best to achieve complete customer satisfaction, time and time again.


We're absolute enthusiasts when it comes to creating items with our hands. It gives us a tremendous sense of inner pleasure when we see the satisfied look on our customers' faces or when our efforts have resulted in another project being  successfully completed.


We attend regular training courses to ensure that we continually develop our skills to meet present and future demands. We view our work as a constant learning process, each new project allowing us to demonstrate anew our high-quality service, which we perform with immense expertise and total commitment.

Sourcing our stones

We love the variety you get in natural precious and semi-precious stones. Where possible, we source our Australian precious opal direct from Australia as rough stone that we then hand shape and polish to reveal the amazing colours hidden inside. We source other stones such as amethyst and tiger's eye rough too and shape and tumble these for use in different items. Many of our faceted cut stones are re-worked from old jewellery pieces to give them a new lease of life and make the use of these items as sustainable as possible.

Sourcing our wood

Sustainable use of timber is very important to us. Wherever possible we use English hardwoods whose origin can be traced back to a manageable source.


We are very proud to say that the majority of the wood that we use for turning now comes from a local woodland that is being managed specifically for native plant and animal species. The wood being taken is either a result of trees being removed to allow light and space for other plants or as part of a traditional coppice activity.


Now you can own something beautiful safe in the knowledge that you are helping to protect a small corner of the UK!

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